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Broaden Influence and Build Rapport


This highly practical course will teach you skills that can be applied to improve every interaction you have going forward. Learning centers on identifying the type preferences of any individual based on clues in their speech and behavior, and then tailoring communication appropriately. Participants will broaden their scope of influence to include people very different from themselves, and instantly build rapport with key stakeholders or clients, given their personality type.

Los participantes recibirán el TipoCoach Sales Manager Guide booklet and a two-page reference document to support their learning.

Habilidades adquiridas

Los participantes se van con tres nuevas habilidades que pueden utilizar para mejorar prácticamente todas sus interacciones:

Sales Manager Guide Image
Sales Tool Image
Icon - Identify

Aprenda a identificar rápidamente las preferencias clave del tipo de personalidad basándose en pistas de habla y comportamiento.

Icon - Adapt

Learn how to adapt your approach in conversations with key stakeholders, given their personality type.

Icon - Connect

Gain the full attention and focus of others and increase your influence by speaking their language.

Cómo funciona la formación

"By taking a deeper dive into the types, preferences vs. capabilities and temperaments, I am more prepared to meet others where they are. In doing so, it will make my interactions much more impactful and create trust with others."
- Kevin Conboy
Regional Business Director, Takeda

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