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The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® is a blind questionnaire based on the same model of Personality Type as the TypeCoach tools (and many other tools, training and books).  The Myers Briggs Company owns the copyright for the particular questions in that questionnaire. TypeCoach owns the copyright for the phrases used in the TypeCoach tools. There are quite a few differences between the TypeCoach Verifier Tool and the MBTI® assessment. Learn more ici.
TypeCoach tools are not designed for or permitted to be used in the context of pre-hire screening. We believe that any personality type can do any job well – personality types are a matter of preference, not capacity.
When introduced properly, participants in our programs appreciate that we are only describing certain aspects of their personality, particularly those that relate to communication styles. Specifically, “type” does not describe the limitation of one’s ability to use a non-preferred function, only that the activity using a non-preferred function is less energizing and natural than the preferred function. There is no limit on someone’s capability based on an understanding of their preferences. This is a key theme woven throughout our programs and is consistent in our own data which shows a high diversity of personality across leadership within our client organizations.
For these reasons, we do not permit our tools to be used as a screening approach for hiring or selection as it is not an appropriate use of this framework. As we drum into the ears of our workshop participants, these elements of personality do not determine performance or the capacity to do any job or activity well or poorly. For us, the utility of the Jung/Myers/Kiersey framework has to do with how we communicate effectively with others. 
When people are under extreme stress, they frequently don’t feel or act like themselves. That is because they often revert to using parts of their Personality Type that don’t call on their natural strengths. For example, a Sensor who is normally quite realistic might revert to their less developed Intuitive side and can only see negative possibilities. Or a Thinker, who is usually in control of the logic, gets highly emotional because they are using their undeveloped Feeling side.
While people change a great deal during their lifetimes, we believe that their personality types do not change. Rather, as we age we begin to “embrace” our non-preferences, thereby developing better balance. To say it another way, behaviors change as people mature, but the underlying preferences do not.
TypeCoach est un système de communication adaptatif that helps you make small adjustments to more effectively get your message across to different types of people. TypeCoach improves:
Sales • Communication • Influence •
Leadership Development • Trust •
Team Effectiveness • Collaboration •
Change Management • Motivation •
Engagement • Cognitive Diversity • Etc.

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is an adaptive communication tool...
… and this sets us apart from personality type assessments on the market. Want to know more? Click on one of the comparison doc links.
A personality assessment versus an adaptive communication tool? TypeCoach and the MBTI® Type Indicator are very different, but we are built on the same Jungian framework. Learn more ici.
Like the MBTI®, Insights® Discovery helps individuals learn about their innate preferences. TypeCoach relies on the same Jung/Myers model of personality type. As a result, participants who have previously experienced the Insights® Discovery program generally have an easy time connecting the two models and using our tools. Learn more ici.
Both models are well-researched and widely-used among large organizations. The main distinction is the focus. The DiSC® model emphasizes an awareness of our outward work behavior, which may or may not line up with our underlying natural personality type. By contrast, the model of personality type used in the TypeCoach programs focuses on the four aspects of our personality type that are in-born.

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Each month we deliver our signature training through two interactive, live webinars. We teach the skill of identifying the personality type of others based on clues in behavior along with the techniques for adapting one’s style to meet the communication needs of others.

Le cours est disponible à l'achat pour les utilisateurs individuels et est proposé gratuitement aux décideurs au sein des organisations et aux coachs indépendants. Les participants bénéficient d'un accès à vie à nos quatre outils en ligne et reçoivent également des supports de cours.

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