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Tempérament : Expérimentateur SP

Spontaneous, Casual, Free-Spirited

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Spontanéoccasionnel and comfortable with “winging it,” ESFPs often do their best work last minute when the pressure of the deadline is right upon them. Calm, cool and collected (at least on the outside) in a crisis, they are able to leap into action and troubleshoot swiftly and efficiently while others get frazzled. With a free spirited, “live and let live” attitude, ESFPs are the least likely type to judge others or try to offer unsolicited direction or advice. They tend to be leaders de la collaboration, with very little impulse to take control or credit. It is not uncommon for them to put off decisions that are difficult, live “moment-to-moment” and take a more “let’s see how things play out” approach than most. They tend to work in bursts of inspiration, with a lot of breaks throughout the day.

Observant, Perceptive, Eye for Detail

INTJ - Les nuances de Grey, analyse

Keenly observant of their physical surroundings, nothing gets past an ESFP. They find it easier than most to live completely “in the moment” most of the time. As a result, ESFPs have excellent conscience sensorielle and don’t miss a single thing happening around them. They also have great recall of facts and can relay conversations (the who said what) with great detail.

Kinesthetic, In-the-Moment

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ESFPs have a low interest in theory, analysis, or “big picture” abstract discussions, preferring to focus on things that are tangible and happening around them in “real time.” They are usually kinesthésique, “hands on” learners, who much prefer to learn by physically “doing” rather than reading or listening. ESFPs tend to put off thinking about the distant future or doing long term strategic planning in favor of focusing on the present moment or the very short term future.

Sensitive, Kind, Perceptive

Empathique, généreux, inspirant

Staggeringly perspicace, ESFPs are one of the types MOST highly attuned to the les réactions émotionnelles des autres (and their own feelings as well). Highly peu enclin au conflit or tension, ESFPs go well out of their way to maintain harmonious relationships and avoid confrontation.  As one of the more humblesensitive types, ESFPs take criticism very seriously (and often to heart), tending to withdraw, not engage. Unlike their ESTP colleagues (who are logic driven), ESFPs are uncomfortable making decisions based predominantly on impersonal, logical analysis. They care deeply about people and see something positive in everyone. Kindgénéreuxcaring and exceptionally cautious not to offend others, ESFPs take great pleasure in contributing to the well being and happiness of others in tangible ways.

Haute énergie, Social

Facile à connaître, Sensible

Energized by parler, environments that might over-stimulate other types are usually quite attractive and exciting to ESFPs, who report being happiest when they are active and social. They are one of the types that needs and spends the least amount of time inside their own head, reflecting and processing. Almost all of their focus is on what is happening in the moment, around them, and an ESFP thinks best while talking.  ESFPs typically have an easy time developing rapport instantané with others, and can bring lightheartedness et amusant to almost any group or environment.

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