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TypeCoach Facilitator Kits

For use by Independent Consultants
who are TypeCoach Core Certified

Facilitators: Level-up Your Training Offerings!

If you are a TypeCoach Core Certified Professional, you are qualified to purchase one of the TypeCoach Facilitator Kits. These kits provide you with all of the tools needed to deliver a TypeCoach training program, with immediately applicable tips about how to leverage personality type to meet real challenges.

Every TypeCoach Facilitator Kit includes:

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Meet the NEW TypeCoach Team Program

Learn more or purchase the facilitator kit today!

The TypeCoach Team Program slide deck has information on personality types and team-building activities to boost awareness and leverage strengths.

After being delivered over 70+ times by TypeCoach master coaches, the deck and included activities have been updated and optimized to universally apply to any size of team.

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