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This quarterly webinar series is hosted by TypeCoach co-founders Rob and Carly Toomey. Topics vary, but always involve the practical application of personality type. 

These two-hour webinars take you on a deeper dive into your understanding of type through engaging presentations, interactive breakout sessions, and large group discussion and reflecting.

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TypeTalk Webinar Series

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About the Upcoming Webinar:
February 7, 2023

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Each four letter type shows remarkable consistency in their triggers and responses to stress. The interesting thing is that each type’s response to moderate stress tends to be the opposite of their response to high stress. This course, combined with our Stress Book, provides top tips for recognizing e recovering from the grip of stress.

Habilidades Ganhadas

Os participantes partem com três novas habilidades que podem ser usadas para melhorar praticamente todas as suas interações:


The ability to identify the impact of stress on themselves and others in order to replace judgement with a culture of grace and space.


Begin applying type in your everyday interactions via a two-minute challenge texted to your phone each business day. Miss a day? Double up on challenges the next day!


The ability to build tailored strategies for themselves along with using practical tips to help others recover from stress and build capacity for resiliency.

"The TypeCoach Program allowed me to unlock a far deeper understanding of both myself, but more importantly how to think about the types and motivators of others. I feel like I now have this magic toolkit in my back pocket that I can apply to all different facets of life!"

- Erin Scannell, Diretora, Desenvolvimento Organizacional, Foundation Medicine

"These tools are great to use with people to help them navigate their inner world as well as interact with those around them."

- Adam Rhoads, Capelão, USAF

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Rob Toomey



Carly Toomey

Carly Toomey (ESTJ) é uma co-fundadora da TypeCoach. Desde 2005, ela consultou mais de 20 empresas da Fortune 500 e treinou milhares de líderes, futuros líderes, profissionais de vendas e executivos em todo o mundo. Ela também certificou dezenas de instrutores corporativos internos e externos.

Carly tem sido apaixonada pelo Tipo de Personalidade desde 1995, passando mais de 30.000 horas estudando o tópico e é uma administradora qualificada do Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. Ela se formou Phi Beta Kappa no Trinity College em Hartford, CT com um B.A. em Psicologia.

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