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Building Trust on Teams

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Building trust on teams is particularly important during these challenging times. The single biggest factor eroding trust in the workplace is an absence of the assumption of positive intent in others. Through exploring some of the natural strengths and tendencies of each of the four temperaments, participants will gain insight into the motivations of others.

Compétences acquises

Les participants repartent avec trois nouvelles compétences qu'ils peuvent utiliser pour améliorer pratiquement toutes leurs interactions :


Quickly establishing rapport and expanding your influence through positive connections


Knowing what to avoid with different personality types to create a safe atmosphere


Becoming more self-aware of your own motivations and approaches to projects

Comment fonctionne la formation

  • Entièrement personnalisable

    Tous les noms de cours et les brochures, les documents à distribuer et les diaporamas sont personnalisables pour votre organisation.

  • Horaire flexible

    Ce webinaire dure généralement 90 minutes et peut se dérouler en personne, virtuellement ou de manière hybride.

"The TypeCoach Program allowed me to unlock a far deeper understanding of both myself, but more importantly how to think about the types and motivators of others. I feel like I now have this magic toolkit in my back pocket that I can apply to all different facets of life!"

"These tools are great to use with people to help them navigate their inner world as well as interact with those around them."

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Des centaines d'organisations de premier plan dans le monde lui font confiance.

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