Inteligência Emocional na ponta de seus dedos.

Ferramentas e treinamentos que tiram as conjecturas de como inspirar, liderar, treinar, influenciar, ou colaborar com qualquer tipo de personalidade.

Becoming familiar with personality types can help you to understand how you, your colleagues, and your customers prefer to work e interact on a daily basis. It can help you to realize why you gravitate more towards certain work types, why people respond differently to the same communication, and how you can adapt to get the best from yourself and others.

TypeCoach has partnered with Amazon to:

Their suite of online tools leverages the same model of personality type framework popularized by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®).

TypeCoach provides a practical e easy-to-use system that is focused on helping individuals and teams become adaptive communicators – masterful at tailoring their approach to the personality type of their colleague or client.

O Programa TypeCoach

"The TypeCoach team delivered multiple incredible workshop sessions in 2021 and 2022 to help our Canada Ad Sales team foster increased self-awareness as well as furthering our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts... The team was able to understand their own type; appreciate the benefits of working in a team of diverse types; and read personality cues to identify and work most effectively based on recognizing the types of their teammates, cross-functional partners and customers. TypeCoach proved to be an incredible program for our team to foster Amazon LPs: Earns Trust, Customer Obsession, and Strive to be Earth’s Best Employer."

Chantal Rossi Badia
Head of CPG, Hospitality & Entertainment Ad Sales
Toronto, Canada

The Verifier Experience

Everyone begins their TypeCoach journey with the Verificador, a video and animation-based learning experience that explains the different aspects of personality type and allows you to make an informed selection.  The downloadable, customized 8-page report is full of top tips given your personality type.

A Ferramenta Tipo a Tipo

After the live training, participants have ongoing access to the Tipo a Tipo tool which provides top ten tips for working with each of your colleagues on your team based on YOUR type and THEIR type.

Os vídeos de Coaching

These five short and entertaining Vídeos de treinamento uncover the top five secrets of success for YOUR personality type with lots of top tips for maximizing your potential.

Facilitated Training Programs

Programa de Influência

Two 2-hour private virtual sessions or a 3+ hour in-person session

Become masterful at 2 skills:
1. Identifying the Personality Type of others
2. Adapting your communication to better connect with any individual based on their personality type.

The course is available for individuals or groups.

Team Program for Amazon

Two 2-hour private virtual sessions or a 3+ hour in-person session

Ready to accelerate your team’s performance, trust and engagement while super-charging everyone’s communication skills? TypeCoach offers live webinars and in-person team programs focused on:

Sales Team Program for Amazon

TypeCoach teaches salespeople how to identify the personality type and communication style of existing and potential customers – and how to adapt one’s sales approach accordingly. Graduates of the course report a 50% increase in their ability to influence others which leads to greater conversions and bottom-line results. This program has been delivered to tens of thousands of salespeople over the last 18 years with superlative feedback.

Tipo e Stress

90-minute Live Webinar For Your Group

Each personality type has specific triggers and responses to stress. This program comes with the Stress Book providing top tips customized to each type for helping themselves and others to move out of the “red zone” and back to balance.

Aulas Master adicionais

90-minute Live Webinar For Your Group

Reinforce your prior learning about personality types, while gaining powerful new insights on topics that will impact your day-to-day performance:

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Train the Trainer:
TypeCoach Certifications

TypeCoach offers two levels of certification:

  • Certificação Principal

    The Core Certification takes participants to expert level in the topic of personality type while also licensing graduates to deliver the essential TypeCoach programs. This is delivered via a four-part webinar series with extensive pre-work so that each session is an intense interactive working session (versus passive listening).

  • Certificação de Mestrado

    The Master Certification brings participants to a mastery of the topic and licenses graduates to deliver 5 additional Masterclasses.

About half of the Core Certification attendees are MBTI® qualified and report that the program is more comprehensive and is not repetitive. For ICF qualified coaches, the Core Certification provides 23 CCE hours. You are invited to review the information provided on the links below, and TypeCoach is available for a conversation to provide a demo of the tools, share best practices for the training, and answer any questions about materials, design choices, and the underlying methodology and frameworks.

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