Urgência em relação a prazos importantes

Os colegas julgadores podem interpretar mal o estilo mais relaxado do Perceiver

I started out my career as a corporate lawyer working with two large firms in Boston for a total of 5 years. It was an exercise in personality types and I used my knowledge of how to deal with different types as a survival tactic. It must have worked because the first firm hired 33 associates in 1999 and by 2003 I was only one of 7 who was still at the firm. But, I clearly didn’t have it ALL figured out because each year I got the same feedback in my professional review.

“Rob does not show sufficient urgency around important deadlines.”

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Ouch. That’s not what you’re hoping for after working your butt off for 70-100 hours a week. As a Perceiver, I do have a natural tendency towards an outward and calm demeanor. In fact, I pride myself on not losing my cool when things are falling apart all around me. The problem is that my Judger colleagues saw my relaxed style as a signal that I didn’t understand the situation. Because I wasn’t outwardly showing urgency around important deadlines, they started to doubt that I would take care of the situation. 

My sister and I have worked on hundreds of cartoons/illustrations together and this is the only one where she decided to draw me in to the scene (adding glasses to disguise me, like Clark Kent might).

Urgency around important deadlines - Toomey & Toomey cartoon

Anyway, each year in my performance review the rest of the conversation would play out like this:

  • Reviewer: The consensus from your colleagues is that you don’t show sufficient urgency around important deadlines.
  • Rob:  Well, you can see in my file that I have not missed a SINGLE deadline which I’m guessing very few people at the firm can say.
  • Reviewer: That’s true.
  • Rob: So, what you’re saying … is that you would all like me to LOOK more stressed out? Is that it?
  • Reviewer:  Yes! That would be great.

I mean, the whole thing is kind of ludicrous when you think about it. However, what they were saying is legitimate. If a Perceiver is too cool, too calm and collected, it sends a message to their Judger colleagues (or friends and family) that the Perceiver doesn’t understand the urgency of the situation. Since Judgers can’t help but to show that urgency when they are feeling it, it’s a natural thing for them to become concerned when someone isn’t showing that same urgency. This, in turn, AMPS UP their urgency!

Urgency Around Important Deadlines - Rushing
Urgency Around Important Deadlines - Micromanage

That last part is bad news for me as a Perceiver since it doesn’t just mean they’re going to bring it up in my review… it means they are going to be standing behind my desk making darn sure I’m doing what needs to be done. In other words, too low-key and you get a lot more attention and concern from your Judger colleagues. 

So, my advice is to think of ways you can convey to the Judgers around you that you DO get the urgency, and you ARE going to take action in a timely fashion. Otherwise, they’re going to be up in your grill.

And, don’t say the R word! 😉

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