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How the Most Respected Coaches
ACTUALLY Grow Their Businesses

Webinar Topic: How the Most Respected Coaches ACTUALLY Grow Their Businesses

Ready to learn some top tips from a highly successful coach about how to grow your coaching practice?

Please be our guest for a very special webinar with Todd Herman, the author of The Alter Ego Effect, which offers a powerful framework for personal growth and actualizing one’s fullest potential. 

Todd’s high-performance coaching has helped thousands perform better and become more specialized in their fields. This wide-ranging discussion will cover tips and techniques for growing one’s coaching practice and provide a unique opportunity to ask questions. Todd’s approach provokes great introspection that is fascinating to consider through the lens of personality type. We recommend this webinar and his book to all type practitioners and coaches.

As an added bonus, we’ll also get to learn more about Todd’s latest creation, upcoach, which is a coaching enablement platform that we think many of you may find exciting.  

We hope you can join this lively discussion and Q&A session.

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