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"Train the Trainer" Certifications

TypeCoach offers two levels of certification:

About half of the Core Certification attendees are MBTI® qualified and report that the program is more comprehensive and is not repetitive. You are invited to review the information provided on the links below, and TypeCoach is available for a conversation to provide a demo of the tools, share best practices for the training, and answer any questions about materials, design choices, and the underlying methodology and frameworks.

  • Core Certification

    The Core Certification takes participants to expert level in the topic of personality type while also licensing graduates to deliver the essential TypeCoach programs. This is delivered via a four-part webinar series with extensive pre-work so that each session is an intense interactive working session (versus passive listening).

  • Master Certification

    The Master Certification brings participants to a mastery of type and licenses graduates to deliver 3 additional TypeCoach programs on the topics of type and stress, innovation, and motivation.

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*Investment includes TEN complimentary TypeCoach accounts to use when you facilitate a training program (a value of up to $1000 USD)!

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Program Facilitator

Shauna Skinner Headshot

As the Program Director of TypeCoach Academy, Shauna Skinner facilitates all TypeCoach Certification webinars. She has been a personality type enthusiast since 1994, and holds the very high distinction of MBTI® Master Practitioner. Shauna has coached and facilitated group programs with individuals, businesses, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and not-for-profits from around the world.

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