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TypeCoach for Personal Development at Amazon

Harness the power of personality type to dramatically increase your career and life fulfillment.

If you are a leader, manager, or someone who interacts with and influences a wide range of different functions and personalities within the organization, TypeCoach offers an open-registration program to become an adaptive communicator. This live, interactive webinar series introduces the essential elements of becoming a world-class communicator and has been delivered to tens of thousands of participants all over the globe for the last 18 years. Access to the full suite of TypeCoach's online tools is included in the price of the webinar series.

Our programs are a great fit for individuals who:

  • Are managing or working with a wide range of different personality types.

  • Want to make the most of their most important relationships.

  • Are looking to learn about their strengths, challenge areas to become better leaders, managers and teammates.

  • Salespeople who want to learn how to profile their prospects and customers – and adapt accordingly to close more deals.

  • New members of a team who want to figure out the best approach to take with their new colleagues.

  • May be at a career crossroads and are interested in an in-depth look at themselves.

Team Program

How TypeCoach Works

Using the TypeCoach Verifier, over the course of 25 minutes you’ll watch four short videos, move sliders, verify your personality type and download your 8-page customized report.

Access to TypeCoach’s signature training, the Influence Program, is included in your purchase price below.

The Influence Program teaches two skills you can use immediately:

  1. How to identify a person’s personality type based on speech and behavior clues
  2. How to adapt your natural style to communicate more effectively

This ongoing resource is emotional intelligence at your fingertips, taking all the guesswork out of how to communicate with any individual. Click on any type to access TOP TEN TIPS for working with them based on the unique combo of YOUR type and THEIR type.  This interactive tool can be set to auto-populate with the names of each member of a group as they complete the Verifier.

Discover the five secrets of success for leaders of YOUR personality type.  Each video fo cuses on a typical area of strength for your type and how to maximize it, or a typical challenge area and top tips for turning it into an area of strength.

Follow up on the foundational training with these 90-minute workshops that take the group’s mastery and ability to implement what they’ve learned in their everyday interactions to a whole new level.

Gain Access to the
TypeCoach Tools + Influence Program

Harness the power of personality type to dramatically increase your career and life fulfillment. Pricing includes:

  • Access to the four TypeCoach online tools

  • Two live interactive webinars (see dates below)

  • Downloadable desk reference materials

  • 20-Day Challenge (via text or email)

Discounted Amazon Rate: US$122 per person
No cost for HR or L&D (contact us below for access)
Optional 1:1 Executive Coaching Available

Part I: Upcoming Dates

  • Apr. 23rd, 11am-1pm EST
  • May 9th, 10am-12pm EST
  • Jun. 20th, 10am-12pm EST
  • Jul. 11th, 11am-1pm EST

Part II: Upcoming Dates

  • Apr. 25th, 11am-1pm EST
  • May 14th, 10am-12pm EST
  • Jun. 25th, 10am-12pm EST
  • Jul. 16th, 11am-1pm EST

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