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The Signature TypeCoach Training

Emotional Intelligence at Your Fingertips.

The signature TypeCoach Influence Program helps develop mastery in INFLUENCE and COLLABORATION skills that can be used to improve every interaction with colleagues, customers, or key stakeholders. Participants come away from this fast-paced, highly practical, multi-media program with skills they can immediately apply.

How the Program Works:

Step One: TypeCoach Verifier Experience

Watch a video about Extraverts and Introverts, which includes animations and a detailed explanation about each preference.

Move the sliders to show where you are leaning on Extraversion/Introversion. Repeat for the remaining three preferences (Sensor/iNtuitive, Thinker/Feeler, Judger/Perceiver).

Read your most likely type description, based on how you moved the sliders. Decide if this is a "good" fit or not.


Read your two most likely Type descriptions (based on how you moved the sliders). Choose the one that resonates most with you. Immediately download your personalized Type report.

Immediately download your customized 8-page personality type report.

Step Two: Facilitated Influence Program


You’ve probably found that you have varying degrees of success in getting the full attention and focus of people in your life. Have you found that some personalities are easier for you to communicate with than others?

Our signature Influence Program walks you through the process of developing mastery of skills that you can use every day, in every interaction. You’ll come away from this fast-paced, highly practical, multi-media program with skills you can immediately implement.

Participants will receive the TypeCoach Influence Program Handout laminate/download to support their learning.

Skills Gained

Participants learn and practice the two skills they need to improve their relationships with colleagues, clients, bosses, key stakeholders, direct reports, and even family members:


Learn how to quickly identify key personality type preferences based on speech and behavior clues.


The ability to adapt communication to any individual, based on their personality type.

Step Three: Ongoing Resources

The Type-to-Type Tool

The Type-to-Type tool takes the guesswork out of the best way to approach any conversation with top ten tips for YOUR type working with THEIR type. This resource is provided on an ongoing basis and new team/organization members can be added as they join.

The Coaching Videos

This set 5 coaching videos are customized to YOUR personality type and deliver powerful “best practices” for maximizing your strengths and becoming more balanced in your type. They are based on our work with thousands of leaders who share YOUR type and they are a game changer for those looking to accelerate their growth as a leader.

Step Four: (Optional) Master Classes

TypeCoach offers a variety of additional 90-minute courses that can be offered as ongoing learning and team-building opportunities. Click on each title to learn more:

Attendees report immediate and significant improvements in their communications with clients, colleagues, their boss, children, spouse, family members and friends… just after the first webinar, out of three!

Watch this 90-second video to hear from some graduates of our Influence Program:

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