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Influence Program

The Signature TypeCoach Training Program

Become masterful at communicating with different personality types and improve your interactions with your colleagues, customers, boss, or anyone in your life. Learn the clues to look for and the techniques to apply to gain the full focus and attention of each personality type.

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This 2 live webinar series is available at an Amazon discounted rate of $54 (and no cost for anyone in HR and L&D).

Live Adaptive Sales Training Program

Contact to have one of our own experienced TypeCoach Master Coaches facilitate a customized training program.

How the Influence Program Works:

Facilitated Influence Program

Training Overview

You’ve probably found that you have varying degrees of success in getting the full attention and focus of people in your life. Have you found that some personalities are easier for you to communicate with than others?

Our signature Influence Program walks you through the process of developing mastery of skills that you can use every day, in every interaction. You’ll come away from this fast-paced, highly practical, multi-media program with skills you can immediately implement.

Skills Gained

Participants learn and practice the two skills they need to improve their relationships with colleagues, clients, bosses, key stakeholders, direct reports, and even family members:

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Learn how to quickly identify key personality type preferences based on speech and behavior clues.


The ability to adapt communication to any individual, based on their personality type.

Attendees report immediate and significant improvements in their communications with clients, colleagues, their boss, children, spouse, family members and friends… just after the first webinar, out of three!

Watch this 90-second video to hear from some graduates of our Influence Program:

Looking for a Sales Program?

TypeCoach offers a training program geared specifically toward sales professionals at Amazon.

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How does the TypeCoach Influence Program work?
  • Before the workshop, participants discover their 4-letter personality type using the interactive, online TypeCoach Verifier.
  • A TypeCoach Master Coach facilitates a customized team training program, which can be live, virtual, or hybrid.
  • After the workshop, participants continue the learning with practical online tools: the Type-to-Type tool and coaching videos.
Is the TypeCoach Influence Program right for my team?

The TypeCoach Influence Program is designed for teams who want to learn how to identify personality type preferences in themselves and others, and then learn how to adapt their communication/approach accordingly. The influence program is an in-depth, facilitated session that is designed for groups of any size. 

If you want a fun, fast-paced, immediately applicable 2-4 hour session with your group, this is a great next step.

What are the next steps?

First, you’ll schedule a exploratory call with us so that we can demo a bit of what the team will experience and learn about your goals to determine if it is an excellent fit for what we will deliver. Sessions are 2-4 hours long and can be in-person or virtual.  We will provide an email with instructions to share with the team members so that they may complete their pre-work of discovering their personality type and downloading their report.

Are workshops virtual or in-person?

This is up to you.

How do I learn more?

Fill in the form below and a member of our team will be happy to provide more information.

All of the TypeCoach programs include a focus on different personality types. Please select all that you are interested in:

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