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"What's Next?" Additional Type Programs for Amazon

TypeCoach has partnered with Amazon to offer a variety of additional programs that can be implemented as ongoing learning and team-building opportunities. These programs are designed to dive deeply into the way personality type impacts each of these categories. Participants leave with powerful and specific tips and strategies that will benefit their own development and apply directly to their interactions with colleagues, clients and even people in their personal lives.

Type and Stress

Each four letter type shows remarkable consistency in their triggers and responses to stress. This course, combined with the TypeCoach Stress Book, provides top tips for recognizing and recovering from the grip of stress.

Type and Trust

Building trust on teams is particularly important during these challenging times. Through exploring some of the natural strengths and tendencies of each of the four temperaments, participants will gain insight into the motivations of others.

Temperaments and Motivation

Each of the four temperaments has different core drivers that have a lot to do with why they do the crazy and wonderful things that they do. Gain new insight into what makes people tick and how to tailor your feedback for maximum impact.

Adaptive Sales

Learning centers on identifying the type preferences of any individual based on clues in their speech and behavior, and then tailoring communication appropriately. Participants will broaden their scope of influence and build rapport with clients.

Prioritization and Time Management

Learn how to optimize your natural strengths and grow in your stretch areas when it comes to prioritizing tasks and managing your time, and how to ensure that you are working smart and getting to the things that matter most.

Temperaments and Change

Our temperament has a lot to do with what drives and motivates us; therefore our temperament also has a lot to do with how we respond to change. Learn tips for helping each of the 16 types get on board with change.

Type and Conflict

This course illuminates some common type-based conflict patterns and provides a simple framework for avoiding type-based conflict and for resolving issues most smoothly when they do arise.

Type and Innovation

Learn about how innovation looks different in different types of people, and leave with tips for maximizing your own strengths and those of others when it comes to brainstorming, innovating, collaborating, deciding and executing.

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