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For TypeCoach Certified Independent Consultants

Level up Your Training Offerings with the new TypeCoach Team Programm

Your $1850 $1480 Investment in the
Team Program Facilitator Kit Includes:

Access over 150 professionally designed slides that can be used to facilitate two programs:
Part I: Personality Preferences;
Part II: Temperaments.

Over 70 pages of tips and notes to help you deliver the TypeCoach Team Program at the highest level. Available in e-doc and print.

While we are not affiliated with Mentimeter, we are happy to provide a slides to augment your TypeCoach training program.

Included in the Team Program (at no extra cost) is optional access to an ongoing learning opportunity for participants: 20 business days of text (or email) challenges.

To get participants or potential decision makers excited about the TypeCoach Team Program, feel free to circulate a participant brochure prior to a program.

Why Teams LOVE the TypeCoach Team Program

“The true test of any system is how well it can open up an enriching and engaging conversation and interaction between individuals and teams. TypeCoach sets this foundation in a most profound and insightful way.”
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Gary Cormier
Former Senior HR Leader and Interim Dean Harvard University

TypeCoach Team Program Slide Deck

Das TypeCoach Team Programm Foliensatz bietet Informationen über Persönlichkeitstypen und teambildende Maßnahmen, um das Bewusstsein zu schärfen und die Stärken zu nutzen.

Das Deck und die darin enthaltenen Aktivitäten wurden von den TypeCoach Master Coaches mehr als 70 Mal durchgeführt, aktualisiert und optimiert, so dass sie universell für jede Teamgröße anwendbar sind.

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Das TypeCoach Team Programm

TypeCoach Team Programm
Participant Resources

Team-Programm Arbeitsbuch

Once you purchase the TypeCoach Team Program Facilitator Kit, there are two additional requirements for each program you facilitate:

  • Participants have a full-access TypeCoach Account
  • Participants have access to the Team-Programm Arbeitsbuch ($14.95 + shipping for the printed version, or $9.95 for the fillable e-doc version). 

Private 20-Day Challenge for Teams

Team Program 20-Day Challenge

(Optional, at NO EXTRA COST) – Keep the conversation going long after your facilitation. We will set up a private 20-Day Challenge for each team so that they can see each other’s responses to each question. They’ll continue grow their understanding of one another through questions like:

  • Which of the type preferences is hardest for you to flex to and why?

  • What part of the team program was most impactful for you?

Have you heard about the Master Class Facilitator Kits?

Add seven additional personality type programs to your training offerings!

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