One of our more popular resources, this small booklet is a great resources to throw in a your bag or keep in your top desk drawer. Each of the 16 different personality types have common patterns in what triggers their stress, how they respond to stress, and what relieves their stress.

Stress response can be a “nuclear powered” topic. Some individuals experience chronic extreme stress, and may require professional assistance (counseling, etc.). This book is not intended to replace that function. Instead, it is intended for busy managers to apply when interacting with psychologically healthy colleagues who are experiencing a temporary elevation in their stress level.

There are two primary categories of stress response. The first is the yellow zone: a “serious” stress level, where an individual’s natural style can become exaggerated.

The second category occurs when an individual experiences “extreme” stress, and falls in to the “red zone” which pushes them out of their normal behavior into an unnatural, opposite behavior. It’s as if an “alternate self” is in control. We’ve all been there (hopefully it is a rare occurrence) and it can be quite unsettling.

The advice provided in this book is designed to help you (1) notice when someone is more stressed than usual, (2) avoid triggering a further stress response unnecessarily, and (3) help reduce others’ stress when possible.




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