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Leverage the power of personality type on your team with the TypeCoach Team Program. In this customized live, facilitated workshop, you’ll discuss the distribution of personality types on your team, and the typical challenging dynamics teams experience. 

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The many benefits of the TypeCoach Team Program include:


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Post Workshop Resources

TypeCoach Type-to-Type Tool


Type-to-Typeは、チーム内の任意の2人の性格の組み合わせに基づいたコミュニケーション・アドバイスにアクセスすることができます。チームメンバーをクリックすると、以下のようなトップ10のヒントが表示され、同僚にアプローチする最適な方法を教えてくれます。 あなたの 連動型 THEIR タイプで提供されます。このリソースは継続的に提供され、新しいチームメンバーが参加すると追加することができます。


This set of five coaching videos are customized to YOUR personality type and deliver powerful “best practices” for maximizing your strengths and becoming more balanced in your type. They are based on TypeCoach’s work with thousands of leaders who share YOUR type, and they are a game changer for those looking to accelerate their growth as a leader.


How does the TypeCoach Team Program work?

  • Before the workshop, participants discover their 4-letter personality type using the interactive, online TypeCoach Verifier.
  • A TypeCoach Master Coach facilitates a customized team training program, which can be live, virtual, or hybrid.
  • After the workshop, participants continue the learning with practical online tools: the Type-to-Type tool and coaching videos.

Is the TypeCoach Team Program right for my team?

The TypeCoach Team Program is designed for teams who want to apply the framework of personality type to grow their understanding of one another’s work styles, learn how to leverage one another’s strengths, build trust and improve collaboration. The team program is an in-depth, facilitated session that is designed for teams of 5 to 50. 

If you want a fun, fast-paced, highly interactive 2-4 hour session with your team, this is a great next step.

What are the next steps?

First, you’ll schedule a exploratory call with us so that we can demo a bit of what the team will experience and learn about your goals to determine if it is an excellent fit for what we will deliver. Sessions are 2-4 hours long and can be in-person or virtual.  We will provide an email with instructions to share with the team members so that they may complete their pre-work of discovering their personality type and downloading their report.

Are workshops virtual or in-person?

This is up to you.

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