Team Program

Facilitated Training to Help Your Team Thrive


Over 25,000 teams at 900 organizations are thriving thanks to the TypeCoach Team program. In this customizable live, facilitated session, you’ll discuss the distribution of personality types on your team, and the typical challenging dynamics teams experience. Through a variety of highly engaging, short and impactful exercises and discussions, your team will leave with a a whole new appreciation for the diversity of approaches team members bring. You’ll leave with loads of practical tips for improving team communication with individual teammates as well as in team meetings.

Skills Gained

The more you appreciate others’ personality types and understand their work style, the more you “get” their priorities, motivation, perspective, and what lights them up, which in turn builds:


By creating more psychological safety.


By leveraging one another's strengths.


By heightening the diversity of ideas shared.

The TypeCoach Team Program


Two Team Program Options:

Custom Training Program
Delivered by TypeCoach

Contact us at to have one of our own experienced TypeCoach Master Coaches facilitate a training program customized to your unique needs. Programs can be live, via webinar (or a hybrid).

Train Your Own
In-House Facilitators

Participants in our core certification are licensed to facilitate our Team Program, and equipped with slide decks and presenter notes. Once certified, the only cost to facilitate is for each participant to have a TypeCoach account.

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