Feb 20, 2024: TypeTalk Webinar Series

Topic: Prioritization and Time Management Overview:Each one of us struggles with some aspect of time management and prioritization. Learn how to optimize your natural strengths and grow in your stretch areas when it comes to prioritizing tasks and managing your time. You’ll learn a lot about why you tend to focus on certain tasks and put off others, and […]

Master Certification M10 – Webinar 1 (Registration/Fee Required)

About: Our Master Certification takes you on a deeper dive into the world of type. Graduates will become certified to facilitate three additional TypeCoach courses. This includes slide decks and resources on the topics of stress, innovation, and motivation. In order to take the Master Certification, you must first complete the Core Certification. Facilitator: Shauna […]

Apr 16, 2024: TypeTalk Webinar Series

Topic: Type and Feedback Overview: Giving feedback is challenging for almost anyone. How you deliver feedback very much depends on the personality type of the recipient. The type of feedback that one person finds inspiring and motivating, leaves another personality type feeling undervalued and demotivated. The good news is that there are some techniques that […]

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