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Historia de éxito #1:

Inteligencia emocional

Prioridad Estratégica

“Becoming a More Emotionally Intelligent Organization”


Our client is an out-sourced scientific research company with some 20,000 staff, mostly those with advanced science degrees. When biotech and pharmaceutical organizations need specific scientific expertise, our client provides access to their staff on an assignment basis. The client leadership team identified areas of deficiency around customer interactions, internal conflict and misunderstandings, and concluded that there would be enormous commercial benefit (increased retention, greater client engagement and loyalty, and process efficiencies) if their staff was able to become more emotionally intelligent.

El caso de TypeCoach

Emotional intelligence is a broad category with different interpretations and meaning. After discussion with the client, it was determined that what they really sought was for everyone to be more capable in using different communication strategies, moving away from a one-size-fits-all communication approach to an adaptive approach.


We began with the top 200 leaders within the organization. These participants received access to our Verifier program as pre-work to a facilitated session, and then lifetime access to our communication platform thereafter. Consensus from the initial program was in favor of a roll-out to all managers (2,200) in the coming year, and eventual roll-out to the entire company.

Reflection: Increased Emotional Intelligence

It is not uncommon for lab scientists to have myriad strengths in areas outside the realm of interpersonal communication. By introducing a neutral, adaptive communication framework, even those with a low emotional intelligence score are able to implement simple and easy-to-use techniques that will drive performance through improved communication, collaboration, and enhanced customer service interactions.

Success Story #1 - emotional intelligence

Can you teach people to become more emotionally intelligent? We believe the answer is yes – learning the skill of adaptive communication is the first step.

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