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Why the TypeCoach Influence Program?

You’ve probably found that you have varying degrees of success in getting the full attention and focus of people in your life. Have you found that some personalities are easier for you to communicate with than others?

This live, 2-part webinar series walks you through the process of developing mastery of two skills that you can use every day for the rest of your life, in every interaction:


#1: Identifying the
personality type of
any individual


#2: Tailoring your
approach based on
their type

During every interaction, there is so much you could take into consideration about the personality type of the other person. After this series, you’ll know just what that other person will respond best to – and what to avoid.

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What our clients are saying...

Skills Gained

Participants leave with new skills that can be used to improve virtually all of their interactions:


Gain their full focus and attention


Build positive rapport with colleagues


Get their enthusiasm and buy-in


Bring out their best ideas and thinking


Inspire them to go above and beyond

Attendees report immediate and significant improvements in their communications with clients, colleagues, their boss, children, spouse, family members and friends… just after the first webinar, out of three!

Watch this 90-second video to hear from some graduates of our Influence Program:


What's Included?

Two Live, Interactive Webinars (2 hours each)

Learn how to quickly identify the personality type of others, chat in live breakout sessions with other participants, and share examples throughout the webinars.

The 20-Day
Text Challenge

Begin applying type in your everyday interactions via a two-minute challenge texted to your phone each business day. Miss a day? Double up on challenges the next day!

Downloadable Desk
Reference Tools

Refer back to these goldmines of type information as you begin applying your new skills with clients, colleagues, and friends. Hard copies available for purchase, too!

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