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Welcome to the TypeCoach Partner Program!

We have a name for independent consultants and coaches who are offering TypeCoach tools to their clients or considering adding the TypeCoach tools and training to their repertoire… that name is PARTNER. What does that mean? It means that we highly value our relationship with you and strive to support your work to the best of our ability, providing lots of free perks along the way. In our world, you are a VIP and we treat you as such. The TypeCoach Partner Program has no formal agreement, no membership or sign-up fees, and no strings attached.

Sample of TypeCoach Partner Program Perks

  • 20% discount on our certification programs!
  • Partner networking through events and online social media groups
  • Complimentary access to our live, online open registration Influence Program (two-part webinar series)
  • Demo login and complimentary decision maker access codes
  • Partner support with marketing and co-branding opportunities
  • Download our free e-book to learn more!
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Certification Programs

Hone your communication and leadership skills AND add another tool to your toolkit... please contact us to find out about special pricing for partners!

Intro to TypeCoach Webinar

Monthly Partner Meeting for Consultants and Coaches

New to TypeCoach? Join TypeCoach co-founder Carly Toomey for a demo of our online tools, and to learn about the TypeCoach Partner Program. If the dates don't work for you, simply email to schedule a free consultation with a member of the TypeCoach team.

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Join Our Influence Program

Each month we deliver our signature training through two interactive, live webinars. We teach the skills of identifying the personality type of others based on clues in behavior along with the techniques for adapting one’s style to meet the communication needs of others.

The webinar series is available for individual users to purchase and is offered at no cost to members of the TypeCoach Partner Program! If you enjoy the program, you can also be certified to deliver it through the Core Certification.

TypeCoach Virtual Coffee for Partners

Sharon (ENFP) is Core and Master Certified in TypeCoach and uses TypeCoach extensively and will be providing an open Q&A session to the TypeCoach partner network. Sharon has valuable work experience both from her days in-house as an HR leader, and her current role as an independent consultant and coach. Sharon is a wealth of information and genuinely loves to support other coaches and consultants as they get up to speed in their use of TypeCoach, so she offered to host these coffees for partners to connect and chat and get their questions answered!

Julie Daysa (ISFJ) from TypeCoach will be there to provide additional details and tips, given her great knowledge of the specifics of partnering with TypeCoach. Pop in and pop out anytime during the hour and bring your questions or topics you’d like to discuss.

TypeTalk Tuesday
Quarterly Webinar Series

One of the perks of the TypeCoach Partner Program is complimentary access to our quarterly TypeTalk Tuesday webinar series. 

Co-hosted by Rob and Carly Toomey, these webinars include small breakout rooms to learn and share with others. Webinars cover a variety of topics; check out our upcoming events calendar for more details.

What is TypeCoach?

Learn more about TypeCoach tools and training programs, and how TypeCoach might be a great fit for your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are videos and additional links, documents and other resources designed specifically for you on the “resources” page of your account. Login (top right corner), then click on the red “resources” icon. If you don’t see a page for independent consultants, please contact to get your account upgraded.

Who can offer access to the TypeCoach tools to their clients?

Anyone who is Certified in TypeCoach or MBTI® Certified.

How do I request access to the tools for my clients?

You can request an access code (for a group or to be used ongoing with individual clients) by filling in this form: Once completed, we will send you instructions within 24 hours with a particular 6 digit access code that you can pass along to all the members of the group. We’ll email you an invoice after your group session for just the accounts used (or for individual coach clients, we’ll invoice quarterly).

Can I put decision makers through the TypeCoach tools at no cost?

YES! You can provide any of your contacts in HR or L&D or THE decision maker at an organization about coaching/training for a group access to all four TypeCoach tools. We’ll provide you with your very own decision maker (DM) access code for individual decision makers that allows you to track their progress through the tools from your own account. With prior approval on a case-by-case basis, we can set up a separate access code to provide complimentary access for a pilot group of at a large organization (typically an HR group or an executive group, etc.) Contact

Who participates in the TypeCoach certification programs?

Our Certification typically has 50% people who are not already MBTI® Certified and 50% who are already certified. We have a very different approach than the MBTI® Certification, and you’ll come out super knowledgeable about Personality Type in general, and the four temperaments and how to coach individuals using Type as well as how to facilitate group training sessions. Plus, you’ll have everything you need to facilitate our signature TypeCoach Course sometimes called the Influence Course. 

How do I track my groups?

You’ll be able to track your users on your TypeCoach account. Once you ask for your group, we can add an icon to your account called “reports”, which will show you who has used that access code and what tools they’ve used. You will also be able to download their reports.

Does the Verifier Tool stand on its own in lieu of an individual coaching session or group training?

No. The Verifier is meant to be the jumping off point for a coaching session or a group session and you’ll find that you’re able to get much deeper into the application of type in that first session versus starting from square one because they’ve learned a lot in their 25 minute Verifier experience.

Is TypeCoach available in other languages?

Yes. It is available in French, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Portuguese, German, Mandarin and Japanese. You can adjust the flag in the top right corner of the screen (and it automatically adjusts for those whose computers are set up for one of those languages).

Can I put my logo (or my client’s logo) anywhere on the tool experience for my clients to see?

Yes. We can put your (horizontal) logo top left throughout the online tool experience and on the cover of the verifier report.

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