Certification Programs

Are you looking to hone your communication and leadership skills AND add another tool to your toolkit? Join one of our upcoming TypeCoach certification programs!

Certification for Coaches

Our Certification for Coaches is an abbreviated version of our Core Certification, geared towards coaches who will be providing one-to-one sessions rather than facilitating group training. To facilitate group sessions with our slide decks, you can upgrade to our Core Certification at any time.

Core Certification

Our Core Certification includes everything covered in the Certification for Coaches. In addition, you will become certified to deliver our signature Influence Course, which emphasizes the practical application of type. This option is designed to welcome beginners and experts alike.

Master Certification

Our Master Certification takes you into a deeper dive in the world of type. Graduates will become certified to facilitate five additional TypeCoach courses on the topics of stress, conflict, change, innovation, and motivation. The pre-requisite is completion the Core Certification.

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