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Authentic Leadership

Hone Your Natural Leadership Style


During these challenging times, exceptional, authentic leaders are more critical than ever to the engagement and success of teams. Great leaders have two things in common:

  1. They adhere to universal principles of leadership (ethics).
  2. They make the most of their natural leadership style.

One thing is clear: pretending to be someone you are not and adopting a leadership style that is inconsistent with who you fundamentally are is not the best path. Discover how to maximize your strengths as a leader, and learn top tips for growing in those areas of leadership that are more draining and less natural for you.

Participants receive a copy of our double-sided, laminated “Strengths and Challenges” resource (or e-doc download).

Skills Gained

Participants leave with two new skills that can be used to improve virtually all of their interactions:

Authentic Leadership #1 - Natural Style
Natural Style

Identify your natural leadership style and how to play to your strengths.

Authentic Leadership #2 - Growth

Gain simple strategies for bringing out the best in different personality types.

How the Training Works

  • Fully Customizable

    All course names and brochures, handouts and slide decks are customizable for your organization (for example: "Effective Time Management for Teams").

  • Flexible Scheduling

    This webinar is typically 90-minutes, and can be in person, virtual, or hybrid.

"By taking a deeper dive into the types, preferences vs. capabilities and temperaments, I am more prepared to meet others where they are. In doing so, it will make my interactions much more impactful and create trust with others."
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- Kevin Conboy
Regional Business Director, Takeda

Participant Handout

Strengths and Challenges

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