Type and Innovation Slide Deck

Type and Innovation
Facilitator Kit

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The TypeCoach Innovation Program Facilitator Kit includes:

Type and Innovation Slide Deck

Why Teams LOVE the TypeCoach
Type and Innovation Program

The TypeCoach Type and Innovation Program slide deck has information on personality types and leveraging the two different forms of innovation typically found on teams.

The TypeCoach Program

The TypeCoach Type and Innovation Program

Personality Type Training

Overview of Type and Innovation

Top notch meetings: how to gain the full engagement and best ideas of ALL attendees. This type and innovation program will leave you with a whole new understanding of how to bring out the best ideas and thinking from each member of a team. You’ll learn about how innovation looks different in different types of people, and leave with tips for maximizing your own strengths and those of others when it comes to brainstorming, innovating, collaborating, deciding and executing.

Type and Innovation: Key Outcomes

Participants leave with three new skills that can be used to improve virtually all of their interactions:

Full Engagement
Full Engagement

Learn how to run top notch meetings that bring out the best ideas and thinking from everyone in the room.


Gain top tips for ensuring that all different forms of innovation are understood, valued and encouraged.


Ensure maximum efficiency of time and resources on your team with their full engagement.

Additional Master Classes

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