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TypeCoach tools and training provide emotional intelligence at your fingertips and take the guesswork out of how to lead, coach, influence or collaborate with people of any personality type. Please feel free to share this link and the access code given to you with your colleagues in HR/L&D/Talent.

The first step is to create your online account and complete the Verifier Experience.
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How TypeCoach Works

Using the TypeCoach Verifier, over the course of 25 minutes you'll watch four short videos, move sliders, verify your personality type and download your 8-page customized report.

Schedule a virtual or in-person training for your group. The two most popular programs are:

  • The TypeCoach Team Program when the main goal is to leverage one another’s strengths, improve trust, and increase the effectiveness of communication within the team using the framework of personality type.
  • The TypeCoach Influence Program when there is a focus on adapting communication with those outside the team (key stakeholders and clients) based on what you’ve been able to identify about their personality type.

This ongoing resource is emotional intelligence at your fingertips, taking all the guesswork out of how to communicate with any individual. Click on any type to access TOP TEN TIPS for working with them based on the unique combo of YOUR type and THEIR type.  This interactive tool can be set to auto-populate with the names of each member of a group as they complete the Verifier.


Discover the five secrets of success for leaders of YOUR personality type.  Each video fo cuses on a typical area of strength for your type and how to maximize it, or a typical challenge area and top tips for turning it into an area of strength.

Follow up on the foundational training with these 90-minute workshops that take the group’s mastery and ability to implement what they’ve learned in their everyday interactions to a whole new level.

Join Our Virtual Influence Program

Each month we deliver our signature training through 3 interactive, live webinars. We teach the skill of identifying the personality type of others based on clues in behavior along with the techniques for adapting one’s style to meet the communication needs of others.

The webinar series is available for individual users to purchase and is offered at no cost to decision makers within organizations and to independent coaches. Attendees are provided with lifetime access to our 4 online tools and also receive course materials.

TypeTalk Tuesday
Quarterly Webinar Series

You are invited to register at no cost to attend our quarterly TypeTalk Tuesday webinar series! 

Co-hosted by Rob and Carly Toomey, these webinars include small breakout rooms to learn and share with others. Webinars cover a variety of topics; check out our upcoming events calendar for more details.

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