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Temperament: NT Conceptualizer

Enthusiastic, Charismatic, Talkative

ENTJ - Enthusiastic, Charismatic, Talkative

Enthusiastic, direct and charismatic, ENTJs are one of the most high energytalkative types. They are typically very comfortable sharing about their lives and are much more likely than their INTJ colleagues to “think out loud.” Highly articulate, ENTJs have a naturally bold and dynamic presence that tends to command the attention of the room. Often their tremendous outward self confidence and excellent verbal skills draw others to them, but can at times overpower or intimidate certain personality types.  ENTJs are the type that have to work the hardest to not interrupt others (usually in an effort to fight for “the floor” or avoid hearing excessive details).

Intellectually Curious, Debate to Understand

Independent, Skeptical Debaters

ENTJs have a strong need to be constantly learning and challenging themselves. They thrive when they are continuously working towards higher levels of competency, and are easily bored by assignments or tasks that they have mastered. Intellectually curious, ENTJs learn by challenging others’ positions, expecting them to defend their positions for the benefit of better understanding both sides. They tend to respect others who can argue their position.

Big-Picture Problem Solvers

INTJ - Big-Picture Problem Solver

There are two phases of most projects or meetings: (1) the vision and strategy-setting stage and (2) the execution stage. Unlike their ESTJ colleagues, ENTJs tend to gravitate towards the former. Highly future focused, out-of-the-box, logic-driven thinkers, few can match the ENTJ’s capacity when it comes to doing what they love – developing long-term strategies or solving complex problems that involve a lot of moving pieces. ENTJs’ minds are unconventional and unrestricted by previous approaches or traditional thinking.

Strategic Visionaries

Unique, Creative, Unconventional

ENTJs are driven more by logic than personal values. They don’t necessarily check in with their own emotions when making decisions, and can at times overlook others’ emotional reactions. Strategic visionaries, ENTJs excel at objectively analyzing and planning for the long-term needs of an organization. Much less sensitive than their ENFJ colleagues, ENTJs usually would rather be “right” than be “liked,” and can be very direct (to the point of being blunt). They tend not to “sugar coat” their feedback or reactions as much as other types, in order to not detract from the clarity of message.

Perfectionistic, Focused, "Take Charge"

INTJ - Perfectionistic, Focused

ENTJs drive for closure quickly and are some of the very fastest decision makers on the planet. “Good enough” is not typically part of the vocabulary of an ENTJ.  They have extremely high standards for themselves, as well as a tremendous stamina for hard work. ENTJs tend to hold others to the same high standards and work ethic that they expect from themselves. As one of the most proactive of the 16 types, they don’t wait for it to all “work out”…they MAKE it all work out! ENTJs constantly push themselves to achieve excellence in all of their endeavors, which often translates into long hourswith more focus and fewer breaks in concentration than most other personality types.  Natural born leaders, ENTJs have no problem taking charge in a group of people without a leader, even among new people or environments.

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