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Temperament: SP Experiencer

Get Results, While Having Fun

ESTP - Get Results, While Having Fun

ESTPs are action oriented, results focused people who want to dive right into projects and get to the finish line via the most direct route. But the process shouldn’t be a chore! ESTPs are gifted with the ability to make just about any activity fun and playful, and they are at their best when they are focused on practical, realistic goals that can be achieved in a relaxed group effort (although some competition is usually good for an extra boost). ESTPs live life in a straightforward and open way, and have a good time while getting the job done.

Eye for Practical Detail

INTJ - Seeing Shades of Grey, Analysis

When they are paying attention, virtually NOTHING escapes the eye of the ESTP. From little changes in appearance, to changes in rooms, to numbers in a spreadsheet, it’s like the most important or out of place detail just “jumps” out at them. And ESTPs have remarkable memories for recalling these things after the fact, even conversations involving lots of details, facts/figures, and step-by-step procedures (although they may get bored and stop listening after a while!).

Grounded, Practical, Realistic

ESTP - Grounded, Practical, Realistic

Theories about life and idle discussions about stuff that might happen at some point in the distant future are not that interesting for ESTPs. They prefer to stay in the moment, focusing on things that are real and happening around the. ESTPs approach problems and situations with a grounded and practical focus, looking for the most direct solution, and not getting too distracted about the reasons for the issue. Often, their ideas/solutions are the most direct, simple, and clear way to solve what is going on – and the ESTP is more than happy to fix it themselves.

Risk Takers

ESTP - Risk Takers

ESTPs tend to like the excitement that goes along with risk. This doesn’t mean they all like sky-diving or swimming with sharks, but they do find a way to bring adventure and risk into their lives. Sometimes it’s by waiting until the last second to start a project, others times it involves pushing their humor to the edge, and seeing what they can get away with. Situations where other types would be freaking out do not affect the ESTP as dramatically. And, because they are so great under pressure, in crisis, and at the last minute, they rarely miss a step – despite the risk.

Assertive, Direct, Logical

Proactive, Take Charge

ESTPs want to cut to the chase and get things done, which means they’re not afraid to step into leadership roles, take command of situations . . . and tell other people what to do. ESTPs are logical people who can quickly weigh pros and cons about the current situation, and make tough choices. Often they have to learn to slow things down a bit, and remember to factor in the people piece of the analysis more.

High Energy, Social

Easy to get to know, Sensitive

ESTPs usually have an easy time talking with people they’ve just met, and are one of the most curious types. They are energized by lots of activity and people. Environments that might over-stimulate other types are usually fun and energizing for ESTPs. After work, it’s not uncommon for them to have a variety of social activities lined up (sporting events, social outings, etc.), and ESTPs generally report being happiest when they are around other people.

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