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Temperament: NF Idealist

Creative Problem Solvers, Idea Generators

Unique, Creative, Unconventional

INFJs are “idea generators” much more than they are “detail people,” and they love to discover “win-win” solutions that have a long term positive impact on people. There are two phases of most projects or meetings: 1) the initial “big picture,” “vision setting” stage; and 2) the logistics or “action items” stage. Highly intellectually curious, INFJs shine during the former, and gain much more energy from “noodling” abstract concepts and ideas than doing straightforward detail-based execution. They spend more time than most reflecting on the complex nuances or shades of grey in issues. While they are perfectionists with exceptional work ethics, INFJs report that remembering concrete details shared verbally is not a natural gift.  As a result, they tend to rely heavily on copious note taking.

Rich Inner World

Deep Inner World

Inside the mind of all INFJs is a rich, well developed inner world that they tend to keep rather private. While they enjoy socializing and highly value relationships, an INFJ’s energy is quickly drained by highly active, social environments. Their best ideas come after they’ve had time to mull over the topic in their head for a while. This “percolating” process can take a couple of days, is not always conscious, and usually leads to a solution that just “pops” into their head.

Emotionally Intelligent

Emotionally Intelligent

Highly emotionally intelligent, INFJs love to inspire others, help them gain a new perspective, and reach their maximum potential in life. They tend to feel things very deeply and be sensitive in every sense of the word. With a particularly low tolerance for conflict, INFJs work to avoid unnecessary tension or confrontation, and are more likely than most types to take criticism personally. INFJs tend to spend a great deal of time preparing for and then reflecting on any negative interactions, and also tend to second- guess their decisions.

Perfectionistic, Focused, Closure-Oriented


“Good enough” is not typically part of the vocabulary for the INFJ. Blessed with tremendous focuswill power, and perseverance, INFJs constantly push themselves to reach any goal they have set out to achieve. Striving to avoid “winging it” or surprises, INFJs find lack of closure and future “unknowns” to be more anxiety-producing than most types. As a result, they prefer to plan way ahead, and over-prepare whenever possible. Not natural multi-taskers, INFJs tend to do best when focused exclusively on one conversation or task at a time.

Quiet, Reserved, Serious

ISTP - Quiet, Reserved, Private

Private and reserved at first, INFJs are perhaps the type that is the most difficult to judge by a first impression. Only as part of their inner circle do you really get to know the warmth, passion, insight, empathy and witty humor of an INFJ. While they can sometimes come across on the serious (and even a bit unapproachable) side at first, the more time you spend with them, the more you grow to appreciate the depth of their wisdom and insights about both people.

Avid Readers

Avid Readers

INFJs tend to be avid fiction readers, as this pursuit provides INFJs with much needed recharge time. They likely see themselves in many of the main characters, who are often INFJs, as fiction novel authors are commonly INFJs. To the rarest type (approximately 2% of the population), always on a quest to better understand themselves,  this is both appealing and validating!

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