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Temperament: SJ Traditionalist

Execution, Process-Focused

Execution and Process-Focused

There are two phases of most projects or meetings: 1) the vision/strategy setting stage, and 2) the execution stage. ISTJs tend to gravitate towards the latter. If the coordinates are set and it is clear what action items need to take place, no one is more focused and driven to complete them with precision than the ISTJ. Often, their skills are best used when the project requires taking an existing process and tweaking it to reach maximum efficiency. This is in contrast to their INTJ colleagues, who are more energized by the “big picture,” open-ended, vision-setting stage.

Calm, Reserved, Private


ISTJs can be quite talkative with their inner circle of close friends, family, and a handful of close colleagues. To others, ISTJs can come across as very reservedprivate, and quietly reflective, with a calm exterior. They are not likely to interrupt others or fight for the floor, and often think best when alone, preferring to gather information, reflect on it, and then share their thoughts.


Planners, Closure-Oriented

ISTJs tend to value what has worked well in the past and find comfort in the “known,” making them one of two types that most desire structureroutine and planning ahead. Not big fans of surprises or “winging it,” ISTJs often get into a rhythm of waking, sleeping, working and exercising at predictable times most days. ISTPs usually have repeatable habits as well – such as purchasing a very similar list of items at the grocery store each week, or laying out their clothes the night before in preparation for their workday.

Reliable, Closure-Oriented


ISTJs are some of the most dependableorganizedresponsible, and meticulous people on the planet, and often live by the rule: “my word is my bond.” If an ISTJ has made a commitment to do something (no matter how insignificant), they will do everything in their power to get it done – and on time. ISTJs are exceptionally playful and highly closure-focused, and when it comes to decisions, and they have a tendency to want to “get down to business” and “cut to the chase” quicker than most other types.

Driven by Logic

Direct, Transparent

ISTJs are highly logic-driven, and tend to make decisions based on what makes the most logical sense from an objective viewpoint. They are not nearly as aware or as swayed by how they themselves or others personally feel about a decision as their ISFJ colleagues. ISTJs would rather be respected and thought of as fair than thought of as nice.



ISTJs have remarkable memories for specifics (even those given verbally), and ability to follow (and provide) precise multi-step procedures to the absolute letter. This memory, combined with their very high attention span for details, which allows them to focus for extended periods of time, makes them one of the types that leaves the very least number of t’s un-crossed and i’s un-dotted. Nothing slips through the cracks on an ISTJ’s watch.

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