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Temperament: SP Experiencer

Quiet, Reserved, Private

ISTP - Quiet, Reserved, Private

James Bond is surely an ISTP! Stoicquietgreat under pressure, and logic-driven, ISTPs would much rather just DO it, then TALK about it. In fact, they speak the fewest words on average of any type. Unlikely to interrupt others or fight for the floor, ISTPs often think best when alone. They typically prefer to gather information, come to a conclusion, and then (sometimes) share their thoughts. Often seen as mysterious, ISTPs are the type most likely to surprise others with their actions and decisions, because they don’t naturally keep others in the loop. However, when the situation calls for persuasion, ISTPs can turn on the charm and have a fun way about them that lets others to relax, smile and get on board.

Economy of Speech/Motion, Efficiency

ISTP - Economy of Speech/Motion, Efficiency

ISTPs are extremely efficient in every sense of the word. They have a knack for avoiding any unnecessary steps, whether it’s executing a project or physically moving throughout their environment. ISTPs virtually never run in circles, chatter, “think out loud,” or use unnecessary energy. As leaders, they see the end goal quickly, and ISTPs are the best on the planet at cutting through bureaucratic procedures and red-tape. They expect their team to act quickly to resolve issues, and to bring them solutions (not problems). Highly practicalrealistic, and action-oriented, ISTPs are more inclined to “just do it,” and become quickly bored with theory, long-term future predictions, or abstract discussions.

Driven by Logic

Direct, Transparent

ISTPs are highly logic-driven, and tend to make decisions based on what makes the most logical sense from an objective viewpoint. They are not nearly as aware of – or as swayed by – how others or even how they themselves personally feel about a decision. ISTPs are one of the least sensitive or emotional of the 16 types, and are fantastic at avoiding any type of “drama.”

In-the-Moment, Observant

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Keenly observant of their physical surroundings, nothing gets past an ISTP. They find it easier than most to live completely “in the moment” most of the time, not as distracted or stressed as types who focus on the past or future.  ISTPs are kinesthetic, “hands on” learners, who much prefer to learn by physically “doing,” rather than reading or listening. They are often drawn to professions that involve physically and actively performing under pressure. ISTPs are also disproportionately represented among top athletes, emergency or crisis response teams, and other active jobs.

Elegant Simplicity

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ISTPs have a remarkable ability to avoid over-complicating things, and are often the first to identify the most direct solution to complex problems. This ability to find “elegant simplicity,” paired with their action- oriented approach, enables ISTPs to deliver impressive results with maximum speed and an almost ruthless efficiency.

Unflappable, Calm

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Extremely even-keeled, ISTPs do not become rattled very easily. Part of their wiring – even as babies! – endows them with nerves of steel. This enables ISTPs to troubleshoot with a clear head, even in urgent or crisis situations. In fact, ISTPs often perform at their best under time pressure, and it is very common for them to do the bulk of their work at the very last possible minute, just before the deadline.

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