The Cringe Podcast

Conversation with Rob Toomey on rnmkrs' The Cringe podcast:

"How to Navigate Personality Types with Rob Toomey"

Rob Toomey talks to Adam Clay, CEO of RNMKRS, about how to avoid The Cringe when selling to people with different personality types from you, and how to tell if you’re a “natural opener” or a “natural closer.”

Unforgetting Podcast

Conversation with Carly Toomey on the "unforgetting" podcast with Hannah McKenna:

"Personality Type: Discover Your Type & Enjoy Life More"

The difference between an extrovert and an introvert is NOT about social skills. It’s about how and where they get their energy. Join host Hannah McKenna and Carly Toomey for a quick introduction to personality type.

Conversation with Carly and Rob Toomey on Thoughtium's Perspectives Series:

"Thoughtium Perspectives: 'Today's Work Is Hybrid' - PART 3"

Working better together in this hybrid environment calls for a more human-centered approach and Thoughtium’s partnership with TypeCoach can be your solution to increasing your team’s effectiveness. In this special episode, Carly and Rob highlight how TypeCoach compares to its competitors…

Podcast with Rob Toomey at The Modern Manager:

"Episode 219: Motivation Through Core Values"

A lot of people have questions about the Four Temperaments and how they can be used to optimize relationships with others. It comes down to understanding one thing: what on earth makes them tick?

Article at by Rob Toomey:

"Discount Revenge: Innovation in Meetings Gone Awry"

Discount Revenge is a challenging dynamic that can occur when people meet to discuss new ideas. It sabotages innovation in meetings…

Podcast with Rob Toomey at The Good Life Coach:

"How Knowing Your Personality Type Can Help You Live a Happier Life"

In this episode of The Good Life Coach, host Michele Lamoureux talks with Rob about how understanding your type can help you to maximize your strengths and help you manage stress…

Podcast with Rob Toomey at The Lawyer's Edge©:

"The Power of Adaptation: Thriving in the Law at Every Stage of Your Career"

In this episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, host Elise Holtzman sits down with the president and co-founder of TypeCoach, Rob Toomey, to discuss how to maximize potential at your law firm through the application of personality types…

Article by Rob Toomey at

"The Million Dollar Pause: How to Adapt Your Communication Style to the Different Personalities in Your Life"

People who know how to use this pause effectively have a much easier time navigating the relationships in their lives than those who don’t…

Podcast with Rob Toomey at Be Brave at Work

"Bravery at Work and Type Preferences"

In this episode of Be Brave at Work, host Ed Evarts talks with Rob Toomey about the relationship between bravery and personality type preferences.

Conversation with Rob Toomey at BAPT

"Influence and Communication with Type: BAPT in Conversation with Rob Toomey"

Join BAPT Treasurer Richard Owen for a conversation about Rob’s life and experience in this field, and how we can influence and communicate more effectively…

Past Event

2022 ICF Midwest Coaches Conference

Rob Toomey presented at a conference for a chapter of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Past Event

"Emotional Intelligence: Leadership in a Hybrid World"

Rob Toomey presented at the Human Resources Leadership Forum (HRLF) in February 2022, in a live virtual session.

Past Event

"Personality Types and the Importance of Cognitive Diversity"

Carly Toomey presented at a FRED NeXus live virtual session about cognitive diversity in January 2022.

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