Type et conflit

Navigating Type-Based Conflict

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Often personality type differences magnify an existing conflict and make resolving the conflict more challenging because the needs and priorities in resolving conflict vary greatly based on type differences. This course illuminates some of these common patterns and provides a simple framework for avoiding type-based conflict and for resolving issues most smoothly when they do arise.

Compétences acquises

Les participants repartent avec trois nouvelles compétences qu'ils peuvent utiliser pour améliorer pratiquement toutes leurs interactions :


Use the perceiving mode to gather information and understand where the other person is coming from.


Use the thinking-feeling modes to consider both the values involved and the logic/consequences.


Use the judging mode to seek closure with next steps and new behavior going forward.

Comment fonctionne la formation

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    Ce webinaire dure généralement 90 minutes et peut se dérouler en personne, virtuellement ou de manière hybride.

Document pour les participants

“I think the TypeCoach tools and training has really given us a langue commune across the whole organization. The thing I love about them is that they are incredibly simple to take on board and then it becomes extremely easy to adapt how you communicate with people. And, by having a common language across the whole organization, it’s something that really holds us all together.”
- Bart Johnson
PDG, VirginCare

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