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Top 5 Trends in Training

TypeCoach's Take on the Current Training Market

Top 5 Trends in Training

We recently had a partner meeting with more than 65 of our TypeCoach global training and coaching partners, and here are what we collectively found to be the top 5 trends in the current training market:

Team Program
Team Programs Demand

Trend #1: More Team Programs

There is greater demand for team programs and team coaching. This seems to be driven by virtual/hybrid work environments and the need for improved communication and collaboration.


Trend #2: A Series of Short Webinars

Training sessions have gotten shorter and instead of one long in-person session, we receive lots of requests for two or three 2-hour virtual sessions.   


Trend #3: Hybrid Programs

A mix of virtual sessions and in-person sessions with the same group are becoming more common and popular, along with programs where the facilitator is virtual and the participants are in-person.


Trend #4: Gamification for Max Engagement

There is high demand for super interactive programs that involve lots of activities, and gamification apps that let participants weigh in throughout the program on their smart phones and lots of breakout group discussions.


Trend #5: Stress, Change and Trust

The most popular TypeCoach training topics are:

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