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Harness the power of personality type to dramatically increase your career and life fulfillment.

TypeCoach is an adaptive communication system offering a suite of online tools and workshops. In just 25 minutes, use the TypeCoach Verifier to:

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TypeCoach Online Tools


The next evolution in type verification – a video-based approach that is transparent and scalable. Users arrive to their session conversant in key terms and ready to apply.

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Our most sought-after tool provides communication advice based on the combination of any two types – ENTJ working with INFP, etc.

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Coaching Videos

Five animated videos for each of the different types on how to make the most of their natural strengths and overcome common blind-spots.

Training Videos

Footage of our live training is available for users to access any time – 6 weeks or 6 months after a session, allowing them to revisit key principles and learn new techniques.

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Open Registration Influence Program

You can purchase access to our online platform above. If you’re looking for access to our series of live, open registration webinars to introduce you to the basics of personality type as well as the four preferences, you might be looking for our Influence Program! Learn more below, or contact us at

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