Histórias de sucesso

Histórias de sucesso

Using TypeCoach to Meet Your Priorities

Histórias de sucesso

Read samples of success stories from appreciative clients who have used the TypeCoach tools and training programs to meet their strategic priorities. TypeCoach programs can be customized and integrated into a variety of broader client programs in order to achieve specific desired results.

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Confiado por centenas de organizações de topo a nível mundial:

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Success Story #1: Emotional Intelligence

Strategic Priority: "Becoming a More Emotionally Intelligent Organization"

O caso do TypeCoach: Emotional intelligence is a broad category with different interpretations and meanings. After discussion with the client, it was determined that what they really sought was for everyone to be more capable in using different communication strategies, moving away from a one-size-fits-all communication approach to an adaptive approach.

Success Story #2: Cognitive Diversity

Strategic Priority: "Breaking Silos and Shifting to an Enterprise Mindset"

O caso do TypeCoach: In order to build bridges between different functions that have historically been competitive and/or adversarial, it is important to introduce a common, neutral language. By decoding certain behaviors and approaches, participants see the value in diverse thinking and, more importantly, are provided with techniques that will make their interactions across functions succeed.

Success Story #3: Change and Transformation

Strategic Priority: "Ensuring the Success of a Massive Global Transformation Project"

O caso do TypeCoach: Change and transformation is something for which personality type offers a great deal of explanation: some personalities naturally embrace new and innovative approaches, whereas others react with caution and great care. How a proposed change is communicated needs to factor in the recipients’ natural appetite for or against the suggested transformation. And, on an individual basis, how each manager works with their team around the change will ultimately be where success or failure is determined.

Success Story #4: Driving Innovation

Strategic Priority: "Speak Up - Activating Cognitive Diversity to Drive Innovation"

O caso do TypeCoach: Less commonly-represented personality types are often the source of the missing ingredient for innovation in well-established organizations. We provide a neutral language to articulate the value these different types can bring. More importantly, by providing a framework to engage with these types and motivate and engage them, new ideas and perspectives are heard and integrated into the business.

Success Story #5: Engage and Retain

Strategic Priority: "Increasing Employee Engagement and Retention in Healthcare"

O caso do TypeCoach: Clinically-trained staff often under-appreciate the importance of taking even a little care in making sure their message is tailored to the recipient. By providing a skills-based communication training, staff were able to see many instances where minor adjustments would provide significant benefits and help to avoid conflicts.

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