and Motivation

Adaptive Feedback to Increase Motivation


Each of the four temperaments has different core drivers that have a lot to do with why they do the crazy and wonderful things that they do. In this webinar, you’ll gain new insight into what makes people tick and how to tailor your feedback differently to each of the four temperaments for maximum impact. This course is especially relevant for managers.

Participants receive a copy of our laminated resource, “Motivation and Feedback” (or an electronic version).

Skills Gained

Participants leave with three new skills that can be used to improve virtually all of their interactions:

Motivation #1 - Motivate

The ability to identify the core drivers that motivate different personality types.

Motivation #2 - Inspire

Utilize practical tips to get the best responses from team members.

Motivation #3 - Coach Connect

The ability to identify de-motivators that can set the team member up for failure.

How the Training Works

  • Fully Customizable

    All course names and brochures, handouts and slide decks are customizable for your organization (for example: "Motivation and Feedback").

  • Flexible Scheduling

    This webinar is typically 90-minutes, and can be in person, virtual, or hybrid.

“What I particularly like is the fact that TypeCoach focuses on the practical use, application and interpretation of Type (for both coach and end-user) in one-to-one or one-to-group settings whereas other, competing Type alternatives, put more and less appropriate focus on the assessment process rather than application.”

“Extremely beneficial course. I have a much better understanding of how to use Type when communicating with my team.”

Participant Handout

Motivation and Feedback Laminate

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