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Success Story #3:

Change and Transformation

Strategic Priority

“Ensuring the Success of a Massive Global Transformation Project”


Our client is a global retailer that has embarked on a fundamental shift to its business model. This shift has been attempted five times unsuccessfully in the past; various divisions have historically failed to implement or embrace the new model. The organization has identified that a successful implementation will add hundreds of millions of additional profit annually.

The Case for TypeCoach

Change and transformation is something for which personality type offers a great deal of explanation: some personalities naturally embrace new and innovative approaches, whereas others react with caution and great care. How a proposed change is communicated needs to factor in the recipients’ natural appetite for or against the suggested transformation. And, on an individual basis, how each manger works with their team around the change will ultimately be where success or failure is determined.


We began with the 45-person leadership team that oversees the client’s 1,000-person transformation team. Unsurprisingly, this group had a high concentration (85%) of personality types that are naturally drawn to and embrace change. The “aha” moment was the collective realization that the vast majority of the remainder of the organization is made up of a mix of types far less naturally inclined to embrace change. We next rolled-out to their 1,000-person transformation team. From there, deployment will continue to eventually reach a target population of 45,000-50,000 employees.


There is a sub-set of personalities within this client population who will ultimately determine whether their transformation effort will succeed. If this group embraces the change, they will become the “police force” for it and ensure others come along. If they do not embrace the change, this will be the client’s 6th failed attempt. Adapting to the communication needs of this population is paramount to the success of any change effort.

Success Story #3

People leave organizations when they don’t get along with their manager or their colleagues. Our programs reduce turnover.

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